Journey – Full Score + Parts (piano, double bass, drums)


Instrumentation: piano, double bass (five strings preferable), drums.

Style: minimalism, jazz, progressive metal, impressionism, andalusian, epic, cinematic.



Journey is a work written for piano, double bass and drums. It is composed by multiple parts, unified by two main themes, which appear several times, though modified. The first of them is the theme for the journey itself (long and leisurely journey), the second main theme represents a certain nostalgia along with heroic thoughts and desire for adventure, wich finally will be revealed.

The musical style of this piece has two main sources: progressive metal and film music; nevertheless, it combines influences from different, more specific genres. In the beginning, a minimalist melody gives way to a sequence of chords and rhythms in a jazz-chill out style, then the second main theme appears, with airs of Celtic music; during the development there are references of impressionist music with Andalusian influences, as well as sections characterized by their frequent changes of time signatures, while others, by their epic melodies.

The Downloadable file is a  folder that contains the full score of Journey, all its individual parts (piano, double bass, drums) and drums notation, everything in pdf format.